What is HFD?

So what is Horse Facilitated Development?

To put it simply HFD is non verbal communication between a horse and human that brings about transformation & change in the human. I like to say “Realizing human potential THROUGH HORSES!”
If you’ve spent time with horses I ask you, have you ever felt that indescribable feeling, you know the one. That feeling deep down inside like the horse somehow understands you & is reaching in and mirroring out parts of your life, decisions needing to be made or paths you need to follow?  
Here’s the deal. Horses do not differentiate between what they are feeling and how they are acting.  We as humans do more than enough of that game playing for the both of us 🙂  It’s through this knowledge that our certified HFD Lead, partnering with a trusty steed are able to facilitate & work alongside YOU in creating your life ~exactly the way you want it! We work with you through life’s ups, downs, transitions & triumphs. 
If you’re ready to discover change in your life I welcome you to come out and see what an HFD Certified Facilitator & equine partner can do to start you on the path to Your Life…Unbridled.