In Front of the Herd©

To ensure a strong future we must empower our youth! In Front of the Herd© is all about leadership!

This seven-week program was specifically developed for teens.
It has been said that; if we teach our youth to be leaders, they learn to make wise decisions and not follow others making poor decisions. In Front of the Herd develops the skills needed by young people to become leaders that others will follow.

Over the seven weeks, the topics discussed include:
Effective Leadership, Character, Trust & Respect, Relationships, Influence, and Change.

This is both a one on one program and a week long summer camp program.

Trail of the Heart©

Life is a journey. How we travel through life, and the paths we take, are choices each of us must make for ourselves. No one can force the choice upon us, no one can choose for us, and no one can relieve us of the responsibility of making that choice. 

Trail of the Heart is a program based on the unshakable knowledge that you have within you every attitude, quality, and characteristic needed to succeed in life and to create for yourself an incredible future. 

The program is modelled after the travels of yesteryear. In olden days, a traveller felt drawn to new and exciting destinations, dissatisfied with where they were at in life and the desire to have something better. Like the journeys of our ancestors, when one leg of the journey is complete, you construct a camp. 

There are six camps, each building on the previous camp until you reach your  destination. Trail of the Heart is about unlocking that human potential that resides inside, once and for all. 

This is a six-week program developed for adults who desire radical change in their lives. Most common comment? Life-Changing!

This is both a one on one program and a 3 day transformational group retreat.

EAL Associate©

This is a powerful program for group professional development & leadership/team building days for any organization.

Discover the various ways EAL is being utilized working with people of all ages, people with mental and physical challenges, those dealing with PTSD, families in crisis, youth at risk and so much more.  

  1. Additionally the one-day session provides instruction for anyone who would  like to assist with EAL sessions. This is a powerful certification for those who would like to work alongside the EAL Coach, the horses & the client.

The Associate (or Wrangler) through this course learns how to help prepare for  sessions, set up the equipment, ensure the safety of the horse(s) and client, and  maintain the privacy of the session from others that may intrude on the session. 

This can be either a half or whole-day session at the discretion of the EAL Facilitator

One on One Sessions

One on one sessions with your EAL Facilitator are tailored specifically to meet you where you are at right now & with the horse identify the obstacles & opportunities on the journey to where you are wanting to go.  Sessions are 60-90 mins consisting of introduction, horse/human development time, & debrief. Although one off sessions can be very rewarding we find lasting growth & success when our clients come out for horse sessions 6-8 weeks. We invite you to come out for a complimentary walk and talk, meet some horses and see if we are a fit!