Meet The Herd


Tamara Cinnamon is our lead Horse Facilitated Development/Horse Facilitated Therapy Facilitator at the ranch.  If there’s one thing Tamara is more passionate about than horses it’s helping people unlock their potential for greatness!

She is undeniably passionate about people and empowering them to become their best, most vibrant version. Tamara strongly believes within each of us is a set of strengths, gifts & a purpose for a bigger life. When we are willing to authentically step onto our path, in our own dynamic way, we step into alignment, this is where we truly can see what we are capable of! Don’t worry if you’re unsure of the next step your horse will give you the nudge! 

With her no-nonsense and undeniably positive approach to personal transformation, Tamara is on a mission to make a profound impact in her community and the world at large.


We’ll have to sneak a better picture of Ken Robb when he’s not looking! 

Ken is our behind the scenes fence fixing, tractor driving, hay feeding, jack of all trades that keeps Cimarron Way together!  One day you might even see him in the arena wrangling for EAL!

When not working around the ranch Ken cannot be found as he’s off on his dirtbike or he’s snuck down to the river for a fish!


Meet Nitro!  

Nitro is our 20 year old Standardbred Gelding, leader of the herd.  He is a ex race horse~his racing name? Outlaw Entrapment! Nitro has really come around as a saddle horse & is proving himself as increasingly calm, cool & collected.

Today Nitro is living a much slower paced life roaming Mica Mountain Ranch & hauling Tamara all over exploring the valley!

Don’t let his age fool you he’s no slouch he’ll be calling you out on all your stories you love to own!


Pappy is our 17 year old Quarter Horse Gelding who likes to make everyone believe he’s boss! He’s a fun loving boy who’s always trying to get our attention from anywhere in the yard!

Pappy’s first career was as a western dressage horse (yes apparently western dressage is a thing) in the Armstrong, BC area but he’s no newbie to the therapy ring. Pappy formerly Frappuccino or Frappe for short worked as an equine therapy horse in the Okanagan Valley for a number of years. 

Don’t let his fun & playful attitude trick you into thinking he’s all fun & games, Pappy will point out flimsy boundaries in no time flat!

Here’s Thunder the newest member of the Herd! Thunder is a fun loving & playful Red Blanket Appaloosa that’ll need all of about 5 seconds to steal your heart!

Our gentle giant of a boy stands firmly in his character,  commanding trust & respect.  A few sessions with him and there’s no doubt he’ll push you to step into that dynamic role in your life you might not even know you’ve been avoiding!  

Teens-Leadership oh yes Thunder is your guy!

He sees your greatness & won’t let you settle for anything less!


Corbin & Cowboy!

Corbin is our Lead HFD Wrangler at the ranch.  He is conscientious, calm, confident & caring all the qualities we love in a great wrangler!  When not wrangling you’ll find Corbin on his dirtbike, fixing cars, cooking or out with his cow Eve!

Cowboy is an 18 year old Quarter Horse Gelding, who absolutely loves kids! Cowboy was born on a ranch in Red Rock BC & has been with Corbin’s Mom the entire 18 years!

If creating confusion & talking around an issue is your thing Cowboy is the horse for you. Try & baffle him, he’ll freeze & catch you quick!


Adala & Major!

Adala leads our Junior Wrangler Program with loads of responsibilities around the ranch. With her quick wit & natural horsemanship skills she keeps us all on our toes while basically running the show!  When not horseback little D can be found with the animals, on her dirtbike, harassing someone about their horse or baking something delicious!

Major is a seriously solid 15 year old Quarter Horse!  He is an ex roping horse out of Alberta & is Adala’s main mount. Major is in his element when turned out & rounding up the cattle!

Major is a steady eddy kind of guy and will stick with you until you finally make the decision to go all in & to unlock your maximum potential!


This is Marvin~and yes he’s always starvin! 

Marvin is a 2 year old German Elkhound (I mean who really knows but it sounds fancy) who can always be found with the horses, chasing squirrels or trying to fight Ken!  

Speaking of starving this boy has been packing on the pounds sharing the horses morning feed buckets!

Marvin is ridiculously, almost embarrassingly cuddly  If you come to the ranch beware he’s a leaner!!

Meet Ruby Tuesday! She rocked her first full HFD session March 2021 with her little guy so I guess she’s staying! Ruby does an incredible Tina Turner impression sporting that impressive hairdo + larger than life personality. Don’t let that adorable face fool you! She’s guaranteed to test you, push you + try your patience before teaching you the needed lesson + big breakthrough! She’s one in a million, can’t wait for you to meet her!

Ruby came to us as “Treasure” from McLeod Creek Shetlands out of McBride BC. Can’t say enough great things about the team there + their ponies! Very well mannered (the ponies that is), calm + loving disposition! If you’re in the market for a #lilshet they’re your best choice!

Meet Chantilly Lace our newest little apprentice at Cimarron Way!
Tilly is 3, spunky, maybe we’ll call it bossy, yet somehow wise for her age. Already rocking 2 full sessions Tilly stepped up both times when things got into the real stuff. I think she wants to be the carrier of the secrets.
Tilly found her way here from the best start a #lilshet could have at McLeod Creek Shetlands! Thanks so much for all the work you guys put into your littles, really makes a big difference for us.