Journey of the Cimarron


Cimarron-derived from the Spanish word cimarrón, meaning “wild” or “untamed”.  What if you peeled back all the layers to find your “wild”, your “untamed”?

You just might discover who you really are…You might just find your way.

Your life…Unbridled!

Journey of the Cimarron is our virtual presentation of Trail of the Heart© and was designed to assist you in learning the essential skills to more fully understand your own needs, wants & desires required to unleash your full potential.  It’s purpose is to provide you a clear pathway to handle present situations and begin your journey to your wild, your untamed, your life just the way you choose…What is your life…Unbridled?!

It is a personal Journey…

This program is based on the absolute knowing that you have within you every talent, attitude, quality & characteristic needed to succeed in life and create for yourself an incredible future!  The only BUT is that up until now you have not brought those character traits to the surface for enough time to maximize your potential. 


We can learn much from those who walked before us. This program is modelled after the travels of yesteryear. In the old days a traveller would feel drawn to new and exciting destinations. Some came from backgrounds of poverty, others tyranny or oppression.  Some simply wanted a new life. But ALL wanted something better for themselves and their families.  What was common to each was dissatisfaction with where they were in life, and their desire, their knowing there was something better.

Journey of the Cimarron is a virtual program divided into 6 camps.

Like the journey of our ancestors , when one leg of the journey is complete, you construct a camp. The camp provides opportunity for rest, reflection & renewal. Each camp builds upon the last, and collectively leads us to our destination. 

Camp One ~ Discern-Examining your past and its influence on your life.

Camp Two ~ Design-Planning the future is up to you.

Camp Three ~ Discover-Finding your potential and beginning to nourish it.

Camp Four ~ Determine-Uncovering your assets and setting your goals.

Camp Five ~ Desire-Building a passionate craving to achieve your goals.

Camp Six ~ Destiny-You’re on your way. Your life…Unbridled

Life is a journey. How we travel through life, and the paths we take, are choices each of us must make for ourselves. No one can force that choice upon us, no one can choose for us, and no one can relieve us of the responsibility of making that choice. YOU must choose!  

Journey of the Cimarron is for anyone looking to unleash their potential. Anyone looking for radical change in their life and willing to go after it.  This is a six week self paced virtual course.  For a limited time only you will receive a bonus live virtual walk & talk with Tamara to start your journey off on the right foot!